Sell your Property faster with some Decorating Tips

Property Decorating Tips will help you sell faster

We encourage you to share some bright insights on how a condo or an apartment can be a better place to live in, as cozy as it could be. Let’s share some decorating tips, the do’s and don’ts, the how’s and what’s. We want to give everyone an opportunity to impart their same passion in making their home a great place to stay. If you think you can impart something to others, go ahead and let’s share them!

Initially, we want to give you some cool tips in decorating your condo. Decorating a condo should not be much different from decorating a house. You can always decorate in the colors and styles you want. Still, there are some things to think about that are unique to decorating a condo. For example, the trail of a condo is usually smaller than a typical house, and comparable to every other condo in the building. Also, luggage compartment is usually at its finest. Create the feel of a larger space and add storage to your condo using the following tips.


The Property Will Trick your Eye

fix your home or condo to sell fast and easy

The main difference between a condo property and a house property is that a condo typically has less square meter. Therefore, when you decorate a condo, think about how to make the space appear bigger. Most condos have one “great room” rather than a separate living room and family room. This room is often rather small, even though the name of the room indicates otherwise. To make the room seem bigger, try putting in some mirrors on the walls. If you can install a mirror opposite a window, the mirror will reflect the window and bring more light into the room, making it feel bigger and brighter. In any small room, not just the great room, limit window treatments to very light, sheer curtains or even nothing at all. Instead, you can hang a blind that can be pulled up, and install molding around the window to frame and surround it. Painting the walls in a light, neutral color and the ceiling one shade lighter also will open up any small room.

Get That Furniture in

Choose furniture smartly when you are shopping for your condo. Look for furniture on a smaller size, so the pieces don’t overwhelm smaller rooms. Clear glass on a tabletop or coffee table makes a room feel larger. One more thing, shop for furniture that can do multi-tasking. A couch can double as a guest bed. Drawers underneath a coffee table add extra storage, which is typically missing in a condo. Some footstool also lifts up to feature storage. Hiding your television in a closet can make the room look more formal and turn it into a dining room when you’re not into watching the television. In fact, in lieu of trying to fit in a dining room table into a great room, invest in a large coffee table, some luxurious floor cushions and then dine on the floor, Asian style. Or, invest in a great-looking set of LED TV trays.

Make your Property Exceptional 

Lastly, use some bizarre decorating techniques to make your condo stand out from the others in your building. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use ceiling forming, put wooden panels and chair rails on the walls. Install wainscoting a third of the way up the wall, top it off with a chair rail and then maybe paint the area on top of it. Then, install molding around the edges where the walls meet the ceiling. Alternately, choose one wall and put wallpaper in it with a light-colored but stylish print. If you know a carpenter or you are good with wood, create yourself some built-in bookshelves around the doorway, then paint them to match the wall.


Painting your property walls with color will enhance the atmosphere in your home, as well as stimulate various moods depending on the color you select. The articles in this section will guide you through what colors evoke particular moods, and what are considered to be cool colors, metallic colors and warm colors. 

Paint your home with Cool Colors

paint your home with colors

Painting cool colors on a wall will evoke a calming and comforting mood by providing the appearance of a serene and relaxing environment. This section will help you decide which color is right for your, and how to achieve some beautiful decorating effects with this color scheme.

  • Celery Green – is an icy pale green, a color that is sure to add a soothing note to any room.
  • Chartreuse – It could liven things up in an otherwise dull room, by providing an eye-catching accent if used to paint a side chair, a bookshelf, or other smaller piece. Chartreuse picture or mirror frames are also a good idea for bringing a hint of the unusual into a room.
  • Colonial Blue – adds a nice, old-fashioned touch in your home.
  • Concord Grape – By bringing the color into a home, you can also evoke the feeling of autumn.
  • Cucumber Green – Cucumber green could be a terrific choice for paint color, particularly for a porch or sun room.
  • Emerald Green – Emerald green is often used in hand-blown glass, and for just a spot of color, an emerald green glass vase or bowl will brighten a table or sidebar. The green chosen for the Christmas color scheme is not just any green, but emerald green, that deep, pure, clear green that seems to shine with light.
  • Key Lime Pie – For a soft coolant on a hot August day, try a little Key lime pie – in decorating, or on a plate with a nice tall iced drink. 
  • Lovely Lilac – Lilac is above all a refreshing and soothing color, and it sounds like your room is really going to sing.
  • Mint Green – Mint green, being a color associated with spring, will add a lively little lift to any room, bringing a feeling of renewal and growth to the home.
  • Navy Blue – Navy blue, especially combined with bright white, gives a crisp, clean feeling to any room.
  • Sea foam Green – It’s a cool color, and cool colors tend to be a little more formal, just as cooled-down emotions tend to be affiliated with more formal settings.
  • Teal – Teal is a color that can be used as a note of modernity or as a note of old-world charm in your home decor.
  • The Pleasures of Plum – Plum is entirely at home in a formal environment, it also springs to life in a more modern room
  • Turquoise – Just a splash of turquoise, against a backdrop of salmon, sand and ochre, will liven up a room and bring in the Southwestern look. And paired with black or bright yellow, a bit of turquoise will clarify your intention to have a 1950s kitchen or bath.