Real Estate Agent Training, Become a Professional Realtor

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This real estate agent training will give you the ground basics of the realtor profession. The Real Estate Agents has a big rule in a successful transaction, There many skills that that agents need to have before starting work.
We have customize a 3 day’s training that will give new agents and existing agents the tools to become a successful real estate agent in Thailand.

Here are the main training topics:(click here to register)

  • The Golden Way to Success as a realtor
  • How to use Real Estate Technology
  • Set Goals, Expectation and Learn how to Reach them 
  • Mental preparation – get ready for your life career 
  • Build your Business
  • Area of Expertise (Farming)
  • Recruiting Properties
  • FSBO
  • Meeting the Property Owner
  • Exclusive Listing (Why & How)
  • Objection Handling
  • Marketing Action Plan (MAP)
  • Graduation and certificate
  • Personal Assignment 

Get the RE/MAX Thailand real estate Training Certificate of Participation

Participants that completed the real estate agent training will get the opportunity to interview with one of the RE/MAX Offices (if there is an office near their area). Note: RE/MAX Offices will only accept new graduated on a Full Time Job Agents basis. Agent that accepted will need to complete a 60 day’s probation program in the office. RE/MAX Thailand does not guarantee Employment, Job or any position with RE/MAX or any of the offices.

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