Real Estate Franchise Business Opportunity in Thailand

How to grow my real estate business

Real Estate Franchise Business Opportunity in Thailand

We Make People Successful in Real Estate with the RE/MAX Franchise model

Real estate Is it your dream to go into a Business for yourself ? Would you like to maximize your success with the help of a Proven Business Model in The Real Estate Brokerage Business? Do you want to use the best Technology in the Market?

RE/MAX offers you an attractive business model to fulfill your managerial potential in a professional and supportive environment, using the most progressive methods in the Real Estate Brokerage Market all with the aim of giving you the tools to establish a healthy, stable and profitable Real Estate Franchise Business that deliver is full potential.

What Does the Franchise Opportunity Offers You?

  • Comprehensive and intensive training that includes several courses and seminarsReal Estate Franchise Business
  • Business advise throughout the process of establishing the Franchise Business model
  • Improving skills and regular training to maximize your abilities
  • Property Shows and Franchise Conferences locally and abroad to improve your Know-How
  • Potential for cooperation and client referrals Local and Global
  • An Advanced Technological environment at the international, regional and office levels
  • Global network with over 100,000 active Agent
  • Having an independent Business for yourself with a full support Model
  • Best SEO Training and Free SEO Support 
  • International Standard & Professional Training 
  • The Highest Exposure of your Properties
  • Opportunity to duplicate this success model to other locations


Our Franchise Real Estate Business Model is design to provide you the tools to maximize the results for our Real Estate Agent and Real Estate Broker, we offer you this opportunity to take part in REMAX Global success worldwide and join the largest Real estate Agent Network in the world.
Real Estate Property solutions, How to advertise your property, How to promote your Property Listings in The market.
Property News and new Training is available and up to date with the local Real Estate Business Market.
REMAX Franchise also Provide Technology and Property Portal to all of REMAX agents and Franchise Brokers.
REMAX Easy Franchise Business Model is flexible and Easy to use to serve you as our Real Estate Agent, or as our Real Estate Broker and your Property Owners and Property Buyers to get the Maximum exposure to make the property sale faster and easier.

Our Franchise support staff will guide you How to promote your property and How to sell your property fast and easy, You will get to meet many of REMAX Franchise Business brokers and Agents in The Global Network. the continue Training will help you to gain the Business skill to make you successful as we always say “the more you learn the more you earn” this opportunity waits for you and with your success you will be able to duplicate this Business opportunity to other location
  To Franchise your Business and join our REMAX Global Family we will need to start with a Franchise Business Plan Structure.
We will guarantee your success in the Franchise Business For Sale Properties with the biggest Franchise Business Network.

If you want to explore the Good Advantages of Business and you have the hunger and the desire for success

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The REMAX organization in a global leader in Real Estate Property Sales Brokerage Business . With over 43 years of real estate Franchise experience and an organizational philosophy whose key phrase is “Everybody Wins”

When you join REMAX as a Franchisee Business owner or as a real estate property Sales Agent Associate you are joining a network of more
than 100,000 agents in more than 100 countries with more than 7,000 offices all over the world. What an incredibly
successful, dynamic and diverse group to belong to Contact an office that you are interested in joining to start your real estate career today,
For more information about RE/MAX Top Franchise Business Opportunity in Bangkok and Thailand, Please contact us at REMAX Thailand and let us
schedule a Personal meeting with you , apply for REMAX Franchise Business Plan to become a professional real estate broker in Bangkok 

If you already have a Real Estate Agency Business and you think to convert to REMAX, Ask our team about the Agency Conversion program. Please contact us to schedule a personal Franchise Interest meeting so we can discuss all the option to join REMAX family in Thailand