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    The Seller and the Agent agree as follows:

    1. The Seller agrees to appoint the Broker and the Broker agrees to act on the Seller’s behalf to find a buyer ready willing and able to buy the Property and confirms that the Seller owns or has full authority to sell the Property
    2. The Seller agrees to provide the Broker upon signing this agreement with an up-to-date registration extract or certification of rights from the Lands Office and/or the Mortgage Company, House Registration (Tabien Baan), the Seller’s passport or Thai ID
    3. The Broker agrees to sell the Property at the price acceptable to the Seller but not exceeding the Listing Price mention above , including all applicable tax, fees and commissions.
    4. The Seller agrees to pay the Broker the Commission for introducing a Buyer ready, willing and able to buy the Property.
    5. The Seller declares that there is NO DEFECT in the Property that may affect the value or desirability of the property.
    6. During this Agreement, the Seller agrees to allow the Agent, Broker and prospective Buyers to inspect the Property alone or together. The Seller is advised to obtain a professional home inspection for his property.
    7. The Seller agrees to give the right to the Agent and Broker to advertise and promote the Property such as by Internet posts, Sale Signs, open house, MLS, Direct Marketing, print material, co-broker or any other suitable way to find Buyers. The Broker and the Agent agree to be responsible for all expenses for promoting the Property.
    8. The Seller declares that the details of the Property which the Seller gave to the Agent are the full, correct and substantive details. The Seller agrees that details of the Property will be made available to buyers and other brokers in order to promote the marketing of the Property. 

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Post your property on the website for Sale or Rent

You probably have some questions how to sell or rent your property

How to post your property on websites for sale?
How to post your property on websites for rent?
How long it will take to sell or rent out my property?
How can I find more real estate agents to market my condo or villa?
Why Exclusive listing agreement with a real estate agent is good for me?
Why should I pay commission for a real estate agent
can I do it better then the professional agent?
How many post I need to do?

How to Post my property for Sale or Rent

Before you will post your property with many website you should know that the best way to sell or rent your property will be with professional Real Estate Agent or broker. If you still decide to post your property by yourself you will need to be ready to post a lot and post on a daily basis.

Should I try to post and sell my property by myself?

When you sell or rent your home, you’ll need to give it the highest possible exposure as you can for best marketing exposure. If you will try to do it by yourself you will spend a lot of time and money and get low results. You will need the right skills to promote and the skills to negotiate. Byers will always put pressure on owners to lower the price much more then can do on professional Agents

RE/MAX will provide your property the exposure it needed and the professional skills to bring the best deal to the table. with a professional service never seen in Thailand. Our Agents will protect you and your property and maximize the potential of selling or renting your property, Post your property now and we will contact you to guide you with the sale or rent process, we will keep you updated with your property post. Just to let you know that posting your property on the website is only one of our marketing tools, we also use our connection and client to promote your property along with off line marketing.

You are not selling properties every day but we at REMAX we do it for the last 43 years

List your property with RE/MAX to get the best result

RE/MAX provide full real estate services for your home, house, and condo

If you wish to sell your property or you just want to rent your property you should use the services of a professional real estate agent so you can maximize the result of this property transaction.
Our RE/MAX agent will work out this deal in your behalf and provide you with the best result. REMAX agent will set up the house so it will fit for sale, make initial property inspection to clear all defects and repair them RE/MAX agent will also negotiate in your behalf to get the price that you want, set up all the documents needed and make sure that your money will arrive to you safely.

To get all of that RE/MAX agent use the best Technology with the top training in the real estate market to get the maximum result worldwide

You got to the right place to list your property fast and easy.
RE/MAX will provide you the professional real estate Agent that will sell your condo or will rent your condo.

Property owners always wonder if to list their own property with a professional real estate Agent or try to do it by themselves the question that always rise for the real estate owners are:

  • Where can I promote my property for sale or rent
  • Why should I pay commission to the agent
  • How can I sell my property fast
  • How to put my house on MLS listing
  • How to list my house or condo on property portals
  • How to sell my house in high price
  • How to sell my home fast
  • How do I make good listing agreement
  • How do I add value to my property
  • Do I need to pay for my real estate agent
  • Why should I give my agent exclusive rights for my listing
  • Who will manage my property when I am not in Thailand
  • How can I trust my real estate agent
  • How do I get maximum exposure to my property

All of dose question will be answered by our RE/MAX agent

Start and Add your Property Now!

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