Learn Business English for Real Estate Agent

Learn business english for real estate agents  & Training center for real estate

Learn English for Real Estate Industry

English Training That Will Boost Your Sales

This Training were design for real estate property agent and Broker – “English Business training” will give all the tools you need to succeed in a market of so many foreigners buying and selling properties. A professional real estate agent must know how the right vocabulary, Business behavior, describe the property and give basic information. With this successful English training workshop you will sell more properties.  

Meeting for the First Time

·        Understanding different cultures and business practices when people meeting for the first time

·        The formal vs. informal greetings

·        Welcoming prospectslearn business english

·        Introducing yourself and handing out business cards professionally

·        Engaging in a small talk

Vocabulary for Real Estate Property Agent

·        Construction materials

·        Electricity and water systems

Giving Directions

·        Recommending means of transportation

·        Giving directions accurately and politely

·        Indicating landmarks

Learn to Describe Property Details 

·        Types of property

·        Proportions of rooms

·        Usable area

·        Construction materials

·        About the water meters/pipes

·        About the power meters/lightbulbs

·        About the sockets and breakers

Special for this English Training – 3 Special Bonuses

Bonus 1: English Level Test

Free English Placement Test (50 minutes)

Bonus 2: Workshop Handbooks

Workshop handbook filled with useful content

Bonus 3: Pre & Post Tests

Measure your knowledge gain with Pre & Post Tests

Ben Parmelee: Bilingual English Trainer

Position: Managing Director, Buffalo English

With over 7 years of hands-on teaching experience and a proper TEFL training from Text-And-Talk Academy, as well as great understanding of the Thais’ English learning difficulties as I am half  American/Thai, I believe that I am fully qualified to enable you to communicate in English effectively.

My teaching experiences include teaching up to adults. Courses I have conducted are General English Conversation, Business Conversation, Business Writing, TOEIC, Phonics, Grammar. In every lesson, I always ensure that students will learn something new and that they will enjoy their time, and if I had to describe my teaching approach in three words, they would be: fun, interactive and intensive.

Kla J. Zelum:Bilingual EnglishTrainer 

Received proper TEFL training from Text-And-Talk Academy as well as taught Thai students of various ages and English skill levels. Have a great understanding of the difficulties in learning English for Thais as I am half Thai and American. First language is English with Thai being my second spoken language; so being able to effectively communicate with Thais plays an important role in creating a stress-free and fun learning environment. All my lessons focus on allowing students to creatively answer and speak in English, without binding them solely to text books. I ensure an interactive learning environment where 2-way communication is achieved without forcing students out of their comfort zones. My goals are to keep lessons interactive and enjoyable.

Real Estate English Training Course – Price

Normal Price 3,500 baht (up to 25 seats)

Training Date: 29/10/2015 Time: 10:00 – 17:00

To register for this Training Please fill out this registration form

To reserve your seat at this training Please make  payment to:

contact: 02-561-7199 or Email to us

Bank Details: Kasikorn Bank – Account Number: 081-281-9550

Account Name: E.D. Real Estate Co., Ltd.

The training will be held in our regional office Its very impotent to register yourself to the training and attend all the training on Time  Show up for the Training at 9:30 in the morning up to 17:00 in the evening Must attend training training with Business Dress  

Address: 1000 Sethanandha Building, 1 floor, Rama 9 Road, Soi 54, Bangkok Phone: 091-004-2870, 09-2552-0101

Buffalo English 086-603-7755 (Trainer Ben) or Email to us

RE/MAX Thailand Training Center 091-004-2870 (Dear – Training Director) or Email to us

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