Student Internships in Real Estate Thailand

Real Estate Internship in Thailand ?

Make an internship abroad, especially in Asia, a great plus for your CV 

For most students, the United States remains the destination of choice for an internship. However, others prefer to go on an adventure with an internship in Asia, especially in Thailand. “Adventure”, why such a term? We must not hide the fact that the Asian continent, is a territory whose cultures are often very different from ours. A reality that frightens many, but in other storyline.

It’s the perfect opportunity to shake all his habits and rediscover in an environment, a city, a country and a culture you do not know, completely removed from what you can live in France.

To develop and acquire new skills abroad

Dive in a professional world where codes are totally different from what we can find in France. Enrich yourself with new ways to interact, talk and present your work. Being alone Thailand to fill a professional mission, it is especially gain maturity and independence .

At the heart of bustling country to economic activity, you will find not only a different day, but also a way to sometimes work opposite to what we do in the Western countries. Professional experience pushed to the limit, hot dynamism and projects per thousand. The opportunity therefore for you to enhance your CV with an exotic destination that is true, but above all as to include many new skills.

To create an international network 

Perhaps this internship abroad looming will be for you the foundation that you will land on the site of your career. If you give complete satisfaction during this training, it is important not to dismiss the idea that all the people you meet there, might be induced to let you in other projects in the future. RE/MAX is an international company which operates in 100 countries, which make a lot of contacts.

Think of the Future Worldwide Business

It is no secret that Asia and its billion inhabitants, is the continent to which the world turns. An internship that could open the doors to a bright future, between France and Asia. So do not skip out on this opportunity. You can also learn a language that will allow you to bridge between Europe and Asia.

A Relatively Lower Cost of Living

Thailand’s cost of living in is basically more affordable than in many western countries. Housing and necessities such as food, entertainment, transportation and others are more affordable.

A Touristic Destination

Thailand is part of the most favored destinations by tourists. There is a lot of activites and foreigners, many french.

Warmer Climate

There are plenty of scenic beach areas in Thailand, while the weather is tropically lovely. If dealing with snow and ice has exhausted you, then a nice umbrella drink in Pattaya or Phuket might well suit you. The weather is humid from time to time, but one can definitely can get used to it, in addition, there are ACs everywhere.

Thai Food / Western Food

If you are a fond of Thai food, you are sure to enjoy Thailand, since it is just a Thai food paradise. Many of the local cuisine dishes are not available in Europe.

Travel Headquarters

Thailand is a wonderful starting point for you to travel to other spots of Asia. You might get discount flights to surrounding states Japan, China, Vietnam and Laos are all gorgeous and absolutely worth a visit. Living in Thailand for a while might give you a great opportunity to explore foreign cultures thoroughly too.

 Why Make a Work Placement at RE/MAX

First, RE/MAX is the most recognized real estate franchise brand, n°1 worldwide. Today, the firm has 42 years of experience. The agents are the most productive in the real estate industry network. The company is present in 100 countries. The company has 100 000 agents and 7 000 offices all around the world. It proposes a 3-day “training” to be an agent; employees use technology tools: it’s the top of the art technology and latest real estate software that exist in the world.

Ø For interns, workdays are short and you may go to a business trip if the opportunity arises.

Ø A small structure which is international in scope. It’s a friendly environment, where you will be able to elvove and get help.

Ø We know that you come to Bangkok to improve your abilities and increase your international professional experience, but also to enjoy your stay. So you will have time to enjoy and time to work. You will also have the possibility to travel around the country, in Phuket or Chang mai for example, work in one of our office while enjoying the beach.

The internship offer is open for a lot of student, especially international trade students. This training can be an opportunity to improve the english language (or thai language). However, a minimum english level is required and it’s a 2 or 3 months unpaid internship.

Which Tasks for a Student’s Work Placement?

         Identify and select the targets according to the specific details of foreign markets : prospect to find customers

         Assess the potentiality of current clients

         Organize the prospection and communicate with the potential clients

         Analyse, assess and follow the international canvassing

         Set up, manage, update a network of relevant and pluri-cultural contacts

         Collect, gather, analyse and select information about decision-making processes and the methods of negotiation in different countries

         Collect information on social and cultural practices to communicate efficiently with foreign contacts

         Integrate, undertake and expand the network of foreign contacts

         Manage a network of contacts, sales and portfolio of clients

         Have an efficient communication with the contacts, use and expand the network of professional contacts

         Be loyal and take into account the company’s interestsprogram real estate internships

         Develop team-working during the training

         Consider the cultural differences in the business world

         A plan of canvassing

         The setup of an efficient communication with potential international clients

         The assessment of the canvassing

         The follow-up of the canvassing

         An adapted offer                                                                      

          Organisation and management of the network of sales and of international clients the student will write a report concerning his/her experience in prospection in a pluri-cultural context

Global Real Estate Trends 

Real estate is evolving into a much more academically-focused field than in the past, and along with this comes an increase in real estate internships for college students. If you’re someone with great people skills and a knack for winning others over, you’ll definitely enjoy internship in real estate. Places like RE/MAX Real Estate offer “rotational” programs for their interns, wherein the student is able to experiment with different departments to find out where they fit best. If you’re more in to research various markets and participate in property tours, in addition to receiving other forms of hands-on training. This kind of preparation is essential in this industry, which is mainly based on experience alone. However, internship in real estate tends to be very flexible, offering students either part-time or full-time positions, as well as custom scheduling to fit their preferences. But even if you don’t land your dream job right away, by interning in real estate you’ll still have gained valuable connections in the industry that will help throughout your career.

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Internship in Asia:

We Promote our Internships program across Asia, Thai or foreign nationality can join any of our international internships program in: Real estate Internships in Singapore, Internships in Japan, Internships in Australia, Internships in Korea and Internships in the Philippians.  

Internship condition:

·    Register on the internship application

   Reference Letter of university(recommended) 

C Copy of passport

·     Skype Interview

·     Visa Non immigrant ED Visa

·    Duration of internship 1- 3 month

·    Fluent English

·     Age 22-35

·     Intern schedule – Mon-Fri 9:00 to 18:00

   For the full Internship condition 

How to start the real estate Internship?

Register to REMAX Real Estate Internship Program.

Resume for internship

To succeed in your internship you will need to provide your internships resume. We strongly recommended that you will put you effort with good resume template with the right resume format. You can download all kind of resume design over the web

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