Investment In A Real Estate Franchise Business

Franchise Business to invest your future

There are franchise opportunities for Real Estate Broker/Owners throughout Thailand and around the globe. Each opportunity is unique, as is the required investment.

REMAX Real Estate Business opportunity

Important Business Investment Considerations

RE/MAX Thailand region is independently owned and operated, Franchise pricing varies slightly by the location of the franchise.
However you’ll find that the initial franchise cost is competitive, and in many cases, less than other major Franchise competitors.

On an ongoing basis fees, which is the most important consideration are a combination of few component, Monthly ongoing Royalty Fee, Technology Fee, National Advertising Funds and Gross Commission of all sales and Rentals, most of the real estate franchise competitors charge Gross Commission anywhere from 4% to 8%. At RE/MAX we receive
only 2% of the Sales and Rental revenue and a small, monthly flat fee per a Franchise Office.
For your real estate sales agent we charge only low flat yearly membership for REMAX and for the Technology. This is why many top producers are attracted and stay with our real estate broker owners.

Real Estate Top producers see value in brand, leads, technology and training. They simply don’t want to give up a large percentage of their income in order to receive those benefits.

Please keep in mind that these numbers are an estimate and will vary by location of the new franchise. Discounts are available for converting an existing brokers to make it an easier transition for you and your Real Estate agents.

WE can guarantee your success in the brokerage business if you will only follow our Standard and procedures

Consideration of Initial Cost
for a New Franchise set-up in Thailand: 

Consideration of Ongoing Cost 
for a Franchise in Thailand:

              ·      Initial Fee

·      Office Set-Up

·      Exterior Office Signage

·      Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment

·      Training 

·      Miscellaneous Opening Costs

·      Additional Funds for 3 Months

·      Inventory and Supplies 

·      Office Monthly Royalty Fee

·      Sale signs

·      Office Rent and Maintenance 

·      Training 

·      Advertising 

·      Administration

·      Internet and Utilities  

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