Conditions for Internship Program at RE/MAX Thailand 

Internship Applicants are reminded that these Rules and Conditions constitute a common basis for all interns taking up placements at the RE/MAX Thailand internship Program. These Rules and Conditions may be supplemented by specific requirements of the various Franchise of RE/MAX in Thailand. Successful applicants will be notified of the complete Rules and Conditions applicable for the Franchise to which they are assigned upon commencement of their internship.

Status of interns

Interns shall not be regarded for any purposes as officials or staff members of the REMAX . They do not have any supervisory responsibility nor may they represent the REMAX in any official capacity.

Standards of conduct

All Interns shall observe all applicable rules, instructions, procedures and directives of the REMAX in addition to these Conditions, refrain from any conduct that would adversely reflect on the RE/MAX Thailand and abstain from engaging in any activity incompatible with the aims, objectives and interests of REMAX.

All interns are required to sign an non-disclosure agreement and are obliged to keep confidential and all unpublished information made known to them by the RE/MAX THAILAND or any personnel therein during the course of their placement. Interns shall not publish any reports or papers on the basis of information obtained during their participation in the Internship Programme, either during or after the completion of the placement.

There should be no expectation of employment with the REMAX or Franchisee during or subsequent to the completion of the placement.

Internships Funding

Interns will not receive Salary for their work. Interns will cover the travel and living costs in Thailand.RE/MAX Thailand strongly recommended that the intern will obtain a medical insurance coverage.

Duration of internship

Interns are expected to be available to work full-time for a period of between three and six months, with the duration of the placement to be agreed upon before the placement has begun. An extension of the placement may be granted up to the maximum allowable period for an internship only if the hosting Section makes a request for the continued services of the intern to the appropriate Internship Selection Committee. Internship placements shall not be extended beyond 12 months.


The Inter will apply for a non-immigrant visa type B at their country of origin. This visa is for one entry only so the inter will not be able to travel outside of Thailand during the internships

Employment in Thailand

Interns shall not engage in gainful employment in The Thailand while they are participating in the Internships Program.


RE/MAX Thailand can assist the intern to locate accommodation at the price and the area near by the RE/MAX Office

Work schedule

In general, interns shall be expected to work regular office hours. However, there may be occasions when longer hours are requested in order to meet deadlines. If an intern is required to work a significant number of extra hours or to work on weekends, arrangements should be made by the supervisor to provide compensatory time off.

Official holidays

The official holidays of Thailand apply to interns as they do to regular staff members of the RE/MAX Thailand.

Authorised leave and sick leave

Leave: Interns shall be eligible for one day leave per month, which must be taken during the period of their placement only with the prior authorisation of their supervisors. Leave cannot be accumulated and taken at the end of the placement. Interns must be at the work place on the last day of their placement.

Sick Leave: Interns accrue one day of uncertified sick leave per month of placement.

Accidents and/or illness

RE/MAX Thailand and or RE/MAX Franchisee does not accept any responsibility for costs arising from accidents and/or illness incurred during the intern’s placement.

Termination of an internship

RE/MAX Thailand reserves the right to terminate an intern’s placement at any stage in the event of a serious failure to perform tasks assigned or of failure to observe any of the standards of conduct.

Internships Certificate

Upon completion of the intern’s placement, a RE/MAX certificate will be issued confirming the duration of the placement and the name of the Franchise, Division or Section to which the intern was attached.

Application Submission

Applications, together with all the required documentation, should be sent to the following e mail address:  [email protected]


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