Chiang Rai Area and Property Guide

Chiang Rai Area and Real Estate Guide 

Chiang Rai the most beautiful growing Market in Thailand

Chiang Rai, the former capital of the great Lanna Kingdom, is a fascinating province filled with cultural and natural wonders, including the Golden Triangle where Thailand, Laos, and Burma come together; Chiang Rai had stayed off the tourist radar for many years, its people enjoying very leisurely development and mostly traditional, rural lifestyles. Until this day, entire clans live together in bamboo houses and each village has its own individual character. Recently tourism has boomed in Chiang Rai, where visitors have come to explore the pristine natural beauty of the countryside the real estate investment is growing rapidly in the last few years and many real estate projects are available 

What to do in Chiang Rai? 

Wat Rong Khun – better known as “The White Temple” is one of the most recognizable temples in Thailand. The temple outside the town of Chiang Rai attracts a large number of visitors, both Thai and foreign, making it one of Chiang Rai’s most visited attractions.

Wat Rong Khun is a unique temple that stands out through the white color and the use of pieces of glass in the plaster, sparkling in the sun. The white color signifies the purity of the Buddha, while the glass symbolizes the Buddha’s wisdom and the Dhamma, the Buddhist teachings.

Real Estate for sale and Rent in Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai Real Estate is now one of the most Beautiful and interesting place to invest in Thailand Chiang Rai drives more and more buyers, sellers and investors. Now developers are building many new housing projects condominium project and industrial. Real estate for rent and sale including houses, resorts, Land and condominiums. Chiang Rai  offers you many Real Estate opportunities at many projects. It’s always better to use a real estate agent to locate the right property

In this property guide Chiang Rai  you can find a wide range of property for sale and property for rent such as villa for sale, villa for rent, Condo for sale in Chiang Rai, Pool villa for sale, pool villa for rent.

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