Banking Solutions for Foreigners Holding Properties in Thailand

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Invest in a condominium in Thailand

Bangkok Bank can help foreigners who wish
to purchase condominium in Thailand.
Regardless of whether you have a work
permit or not, you can open a Thai Baht
savings account or a foreign currency
deposit account to receive funds from
overseas to pay for a condominium in Thailand.

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Proof of funds transfer when buying condominium

Foreigners must provide proof of the overseas funds
transfer when buying a condominium in Thailand.
Bangkok Bank can issue a “Foreign Exchange Transaction
(FET) Form” when transferring valued at USD 50,000 or
more (its equivalent in other currencies) or a “Confirmation Letter of International Funds Transfer” when transferring valued at less than USD 50,000
(its equivalent in
 other currencies) or transferring Thai Baht from an overseas bank. This document can be presented to the
Department of Lands when registering ownership.

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Open a bank account with Bangkok Bank

You can open a Thai Baht savings account or foreign
currency deposit account to receive your funds and
support your everyday banking needs. You can
easily transfer funds into Thailand using Bangkok
Bank’s international branch network or foreign
correspondent bank network using Bangkok Bank’s


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