Executive Homes joins RE/MAX

Executive Homes joins RE/MAX

We’re excited to inform all our valued clients that Executive Homes has joined RE/MAX, the world’s largest Real Estate Network.

We are the same great company you have grown to know over the years.  By joining the RE/MAX network, we are able to extend our reach and our scope of services.  RE/MAX has over 100,000 agents in about 6,700 offices located in 100 countries.  Executive Homes is well known for our outstanding service in the the expat rental market in Bangkok.  By leveraging the RE/MAX network we are now able to extend our service to cover major centers in Thailand.  We look to expand our services to include property sales and property management with emphasis
Executive Homes’ Director, Gerald Enright, joins RE/MAX at the Asia Pacific Conference held in Thailand.
on investment and income properties in Bangkok.  We look forward to serving you for all your real estate needs.

RE/MAX 承载成功全球特许经营销售问题首脑会议在泰国

曼谷 — RE/MAX 的最被认可的房地产品牌之一到世界各地,最近结束了在泰国的重点放在如何在该国和整个亚洲太平洋地区成长 RE/MAX 的事件。在这些事件中包括了其首次全球特许经营销售首脑会议区域董事及销售顾问开会讨论各种主题,包括如何提高出售特许权和找出办法,把他们的生意带到下一级别的过程。 

们公司有一个独特、 代理为中心的商业模式,通过拥抱代理培训、 透明度和改进,提高专业水平说克里斯普夫吕格尔、 总裁、 业务发展、 RE/MAXLLC们看到世界范围内取得巨大的成功,我们要继续扩大我们在世界各地的存在。有第一次过全球特许经营销售首脑会议是一个伟大的方式来得到一些我们顶尖的销售顾问,携手合作,共同分享最佳做法和想法如何,我们可以继续增长。 

专业服务启动与专业代理“Eran 米洛,区域所有者,首席执行官 re/max 泰国说道,第一是我们邀请所有有兴趣学习更多,成为专业的房地产的泰国和外国也,第二是 RE/MAX 泰国提供了最好的地方训练让你成功的房地产业务的行业

超过 50 的区域主任和 20 多个国家的销售顾问出席了首脑会议,在那里他们听到从 RE/MAX 高管和小组成员包括顶部 RE/MAX 专营从欧洲和美国的销售伙伴他们还讨论了创新的方式来执行房地产规则和条例的目标是提供国际标准的买入和卖出房地产业。

活动结束后两天,特派团彼得海蒙德的美国大使馆副团长主持 re/max 首席运营官亚当葡萄牙币和其他 RE/MAX 高管在美国大使官邸。在那里,他们讨论了利用在世界范围内的 RE/MAX 的好处与当地泰国创业精神和日益全球化房地产的诀窍。


全球特许经营销售峰会和欢迎酒会,紧接着第二年度亚太区年会在曼谷。RE/MAX 泰国

有大约 300 区域业主、 经纪人、 代理人和 30 多个国家,包括联合王国,爱沙尼亚,前景主办了为期三天会议的美国和加拿大,参加了此次盛会。

在公约 》,与会者听取了各种主题,包括下一代的房地产买家,在房地产新趋势的行业领袖

技术,如何成为一个全球的代理和最终的网络营销策略。本次活动重点是广泛的房地产讲习班,以及教育和网络研讨会的超过 50 次。


办公室候选人也应邀参加会议,了解更多关于 RE/MAX。在活动中,来自泰国、 缅甸、 斯里兰卡和马来西亚签署了办事处协议。

壮观的晚餐联欢晚会及颁奖典礼揭开序幕会议区域业主及附属公司在亚太区提供各种生产奖。RE/MAX 澳大利亚和新西兰 re/max 设置主办第三届亚洲太平洋年会从 8 月 30 日到 2017 年 9 月 1 日在澳大利亚的黄金海岸。


在 100 多个国家和领土,存在 RE/MAX 网络的全球足迹是无法比拟的任何其他房地产品牌。RE/MAX 已

在亚洲,强和日益增长的存在是在超过 15 个国家在亚洲太平洋地区。


“RE/MAX 已成功在各种各样的经济和文化世界,拥抱和亚太区也不例外,”说拉里 Oberly,副总裁,全球发展 re/max,LLC。”特许经营的概念成为一个非常有吸引力的商业模式的企业家,他们喜欢自由和灵活性和想要做不同的事情”。

今年早些时候 RE/MAX 被评为世界上增长最快的专营权在企业家杂志之一Fastest Growing Franchise Rankings 2016 年。全球房地产特许人名单上的最高排名房地产特许经营,整体用了 17 点。 

RE/MAX Hosts Successful Global Franchise Sales Summit in Thailand

U.S. Embassy Deputy Chief Welcomes RE/MAX Executives

BANGKOK – RE/MAX, one of the most recognized real estate brands around the world, has recently concluded events in Thailand that focused on ways to grow RE/MAX in that country and throughout the Asia Pacific Region. Included in those events was its inaugural Global Franchise Sales Summit where regional directors and sales consultants met to discuss various topics including how to improve the process of selling franchises and identifying ways to take their businesses to the next level.
“Our company has a unique, agent-centric business model that raises professional standards by embracing agent training, transparency and improvement,” said Chris Pflueger, Vice President, Business Development, RE/MAX, LLC. “We’ve seen tremendous success worldwide and we want to continue expanding our presence around the world. Having the first ever Global Franchise Sales Summit was a great way to get some of our top sales consultants together to share best practices and ideas on how we can continue growing.”


“Professional service start with professional agents” said Eran Milo, Regional Owner, CEO, RE/MAX Thailand “We invite all Thai and Foreign who are interested to learn more and become professional in real estate, RE/MAX Thailand Provides the best local training in the industry that will make you successful in real estate business.”
More than 50 regional directors and sales consultants from over 20 countries attended the summit where they heard from RE/MAX executives and panel members that included the top RE/MAX franchise sales associates from Europe and the U.S. They also discussed innovative ways to implement real estate rules and regulations into the industry with a goal of providing international standards in buying and selling real estate.
Following the two-day event, United States Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission Peter Haymond hosted RE/MAX Chief Operating Officer Adam Contos and other RE/MAX executives at the US Ambassador’s residence. While there, they discussed the benefits of leveraging the worldwide RE/MAX know-how with local Thai entrepreneurship and the growing globalization of real estate.
“It was an honor to be invited to the U.S. Ambassador’s residence to discuss the importance of real estate not only in Thailand, but across the world,” Contos said. “Our goal is to create locally owned businesses throughout the Asia Pacific Region, which will generate more jobs and opportunities for people in those communities and ultimately help grow the local economies.”


The Global Franchise Sales Summit and the welcome reception were followed by the second annual Asia Pacific Convention in Bangkok. RE/MAX Thailand
hosted the three-day conference where about 300 region owners, brokers, agents and prospects from over 30 countries, including the United Kingdom, Estonia, the U.S. and Canada, attended the event.

While at the convention, attendees heard from industry leaders on various topics including the next generation of real estate buyers, new trends in real estate

technologies, how to be a global agent and the ultimate internet marketing strategy. The event featured over 50 sessions that focused on a wide spectrum of real estate workshops as well as educational and networking seminars.
Office candidates were also invited to the conference to learn more about RE/MAX. While at the event, office agreements were signed from Thailand, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Malaysia.
A spectacular dinner gala and awards ceremony kicked off the conference where regional owners and affiliates in the Asia Pacific Region were presented with various production awards. RE/MAX Australia and RE/MAX New Zealand are set to host the third annual Asia Pacific Conference from August 30 to September 1, 2017 on Australia’s Gold Coast.
With a presence in over 100 countries and territories, the RE/MAX network’s global footprint is unmatched by any other real estate brand. RE/MAX has a
strong and growing presence in Asia, and is in more than 15 countries in the Asia Pacific Region.
“RE/MAX has been successfully embraced in a great variety of economies and cultures around the world, and Asia Pacific is no exception,” said Larry Oberly, Vice President, Global Development of RE/MAX, LLC. “The franchising concept has become a very attractive business model for entrepreneurs who like freedom and flexibility and want to do things differently.”
Earlier this year RE/MAX was ranked as one of the world’s fastest-growing franchises in Entrepreneur magazine’s Fastest Growing Franchise Rankings for 2016. The global real estate franchisor was the highest ranking real estate franchise on the list and took the 17th spot overall.